Preparing your yard for Halloween



Halloween is  a few weeks away, but you can prepare too soon. Make your outdoors spooky and inviting to little trick-or-treaters and adult neighbors alike. As the calendar hits October 31st, the only thing left for you to do is marvel at your yard and hand out the treats. 

Follow our top picks from tricks we gathered from the experts at Better Homes and Gardens, Better Housekeeping, and Country Living.

  • Pumpkins galore – Nothing says Halloween better than putting carved pumpkins in your yard. Put them in strategic places like on the porch or right on the side of the curb. Choose different pumpkin sizes. You can even stack them together to create a sense of layers and variation.

  • Get crafty – Unleash your crafty side by repurposing things inside your home. Instead of buying fake cobwebs, stretch out cotton balls and attach them on ceilings corners and other areas using glue or tape. Reuse old cooking pots by painting them black and making them ancient cauldrons. You can do so much with the things you already have. All you have to do is tap your imagination.

  • Light ‘em up – Setting up the right light arrangement can make or break your decoration efforts. Put lighted candles inside your pumpkins to create a soft, yet spooky feel. You can even set up fairy lights on your porch to get that ethereal facade.

  • Trim and shape – Make sure your yard is well-trimmed. That means your shrubs need to be shaped and manicured. A trimmed yard makes your outdoors look polished and sleek.

Did you use our tips in preparing your yard for Halloween? Do you have more tips up your sleeve? Take a photo and let us know in the comments below!