Protecting Your Lawn During Winter



Like the fall, the winter months can be very tough for grass. Yard work is no walk in the park after all. It can turn into quite a chore, especially if you’re not up-to-date on all your lawn maintenance. Here are a few tips that will help protect your lawn throughout the cold weather:

  • Aerate (At Least Once Per Year): Your lawn needs to breathe. There are aeration tools that are used to break up compacted turf, pulling up plugs of grass and soil. This will allow oxygen, nutrients, and water to reach the roots. The aeration process can give the seeds more room to sprout and allow new grass to grow.

  • Seed: While more ideal in the fall, if the weather still isn’t too cold you will be able to seed in the winter. However, don’t use the cheap seed as it contains ryegrass and hollow husks that will all drop deep after the first frost.

  • Fertilize: This provides your grass with nutrients that it can absorb and store, helping it survive the harsh months of winter while also encouraging better growth when it comes time for the Spring. Choose a fertilizer that’s high in phosphorus (around 10-15%) as it’s critical for plant growth.

  • Continue Mowing: Even when it gets cold, continuing to mow your lawn is a good idea. Keep mowing it until you see the growth start to slow. Ideally, you want your grass to be 2 – 2.5 inches tall.

  • Water: Water is still needed until the ground begins to freeze. So keep up the watering in the fall and early winter months and avoid damage to your irrigation system by blowing out the compressed air before it has a chance to freeze.