Redecorate your Living Room


Spring is blooming, and it’s that time to think about revitalizing a space in your home to reflect a fresh new vibe. This week, we’re focusing on the living room—one of the most forgotten rooms in a home. Get ready to entertain again in your formal living room with these new home redecorating tips!

Accessorize with Purpose

Whether it’s art, throw pillows or furniture, choose pieces that match your type of personality and make a statement.  Love books? Create a collection of your favorite classics on a bookshelf or side table with fun bookends. Need a pop of color? Add throw blankets and pillows that create a fresh, fun vibe. Go big or go home?  Search for that perfect statement piece, from sculptures to furniture, and find something that your family and guests can talk about (and that you want to look at every day!).

Add Life with Flowers and Plants

Fake or living, plants, and flower arrangements can make or break a room. If you’re having guests over, bouquets of fresh flowers with pops of vivid color are always inviting. But, having potted plants in the nooks and corners of a room can add warmth and a cozy feeling, not to mention reflect any style you want. From tropical to bamboo, a houseplant is the perfect living room addition.

Keep Color Simple

Subtle color goes a long way when it comes to the overall feel of your living room. From paint to accents, keep it simple with soft and soothing paint hues that adds warmth. We love off-white, pale grey-blue or light gray with white trim for living room wall colors. Then, your accents with pops of color, as well as the natural light will really stand out on its own.

Don’t ignore your living room decor anymore—spice it up this Spring with a fresh new vibe!