Sammamish explores Rig-a-Palooza!



Are you wondering how community helpers keep your city safe, clean and functioning? This year’s Rig-a-Palooza invites residents in Sammamish City and nearby neighborhoods to discover how agents use service vehicles to respond to your needs. The event will take place this Saturday (May 18) at the City Hall, Sammamish Commons.

With free admission, the event involves an exhibit showcasing service vehicles such as patrol cars, fire engines, tractors, dump trucks, library-to-go van, SWAT tank, rescue and enforcement vehicles, and more! From urgent concerns to lifestyle needs, these vehicles serve their purpose to keep the community livable.  

Bring your kids along for an educational experience as officers, firefighters, delivery men, and drivers will explain how they serve Sammamish with these vehicles. Not only that, but you may also get to have a photo opportunity with the displays. Who knows? Your kids might be interested to know more about what these professionals do and get a glimpse of their future careers with this exposure.

Besides the parked vehicles, Rig-a-Palooza brings a whole new level of entertainment as your kids can play with the bouncy houses set up there. With balloon art and face painting available, you’d find all the buzz and excitement just for you! You’ll also get to choose from a wide selection of burritos and slow-roasted barbecue with food vendors present.

The event offers a venue for interaction, making it the best time to get to know more about the people in your community. Being familiar with your neighborhood is one of the initial steps to becoming aware of what’s happening around you.

Make this a memorable experience with your friends and family. Not only is this educational and entertaining, but it is also an opportunity to socialize. Learn more about how the community works with the Rig-a-Palooza this weekend!