Seahawks Lose Against Rams (36-31), But Fought ‘Till the Bitter End


The Seahawks lost against the Rams, 36 to 31. They lost by a 5-point margin but not without a fight. The team gave everything they had, but as with any competition, the better team always wins.

Seattle scored first thanks to Mike Davis’ touchdown. His successful execution of the first three plays nets the team 17 yards letting the Rams know they were a force to be reckoned with. According to, Seattle played their best game of the year to date.

The team’s defense forced a three-and-out to give Wilson and the offense the ball back with 1:24 remaining and no timeouts left pulling off the upset in a dramatic, high-scoring affair.

Unfortunately, this is the team’s second loss in a row giving their record down to 4-5 making their playoff dreams seem bleak.

The Seattle Seahawks will compete against the Green Bay Packers at  CenturyLink Field Arena on Nov. 15, 2018. It’s an important bout as their win may mean a shot onto the shortlist with six games to go.