Seahawks vs Arizona Cardinals


The Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals will soon face head on for their final game this year on December 30 at the CenturyLink Field, Seattle WA.

For Seahawks, winning this game after more than three consecutive triumphs will prove a victorious feat in their NFL season this year. Quarterback Russell Wilson, with running back Chris Carson, wide receiver and return specialist Tyler Lockett, and the rest of the team players are expected to bring home the bacon for Seattle and their massive following.

Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll pins his hopes for a promising conclusion to their season in 2018. Despite challenges that they had to overcome, such as Lockett’s leg injury during their preseason game in August, Carroll is confident for his team to hit a home run in the anticipated game.

For Cardinals, however, preparations and training are still on the way. Expected players to perform well on the field include quarterback Josh Rosen, running back David Johnson, and wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. Cardinals coach Steve Wilks sets his sights to redeem the team after losing against Seahawks in their previous game.

As the holidays continue and the new year celebration approaches, perhaps one of the greatest gifts that supports  both teams can give and receive is the sportsmanship, and the reminder that whoever wins or loses, the game remains a testament to American unity in sports.