Seahawks wins 20-17 to Cardinals, Earl Thomas injured


Seattle Seahawks (2-2) wins against the Arizona Cardinals (0-4). According to Mookie Alexander of “Seattle’s running game burst to life with 171 yards, including 101 by Mike Davis, but the passing game was largely tepid once again, and the defense struggled to hold off rookie QB Josh Rosen in the 4th quarter.” Sebastian Janikowski, who had missed twice in the 1st half, won the game with a 52-yarder at the buzzer.

The Seahawks may have won the battle, but will be a tough road ahead, as Earl Thomas was  injured at the end of the game. Thomas’ defensive prowess proved to be vital in last week’s win with the Dallas Cowboys.  Thomas’ injury might be detrimental to the Seahawks’ future in the NFL, according to Seattle Times. “Thomas suffered a fractured lower left leg with 8:59 left in the game, a play that almost certainly ends his season and potentially — if not probably — his Seahawks career.”

“Yeah, we got the (win),’’ said defensive end Frank Clark. “But I feel like we’re the losers at the end of the day because we lost a Hall of Fame player. We lost a player you can’t replace. … It’s Earl Thomas, let’s be honest.’

The Seattle Seahawks are slated to bout against the Los Angeles Rams on October 7 at CenturyLink Field