Seahawks wins against Cardinals: 27 to 24


Close Fight

The Seattle Seahawks’ game-winning drive came to a close fight with the Arizona Cardinals, pushing their record 10-6. Their opening possession looked promising and included the first run down on the 3rd & 7 from Ed Dickson. Russell Wilson threw an interception on a shallow in-route to David Moore which did not succeed. The Cardinals took advantage of this and got 3 points a few minutes later.

Team Highs and Lows

Though the game may not have begun in their favor, the team went three and out on their next drive. That’s when they finally started to get going. Wilson saw Tyler Lockett all by himself 15 yards downfield, took the chance and passed the ball. Lockett sprinted unencumbered into the end zone for the touchdown. This strong play set the team’s spirits throughout the game.

The second half began exactly how the first one ended: Seattle went three and out on their first two drives, taking a 3rd down sack for the 5th time on their second one that came after two shocking drops from Doug Baldwin.

With all those fumbles and set-ups, the best quarterback performance by the Seahawks was on the 4th quarter. Mike Davis started the final drive followed by a 5-yard catch. Then, he charged ahead for four more on the 3rd & 1. That put the Seahawks at 38. And then it was Wilson’s glorious moment. He rolled to his right, faking a hand-off. This baffled the Cardinal’s defensive line. Wilson moved his eyes downfield while running into an open space. He cocked his arm and threw a perfectly wide-open Lockett down 37 yards. At this point, this puts the game at 25-13 in favor of the Seahawks.

Expectation vs. Reality

The Seattle Seahawks entered Week 17 as a near lock for the NFC’s fifth seed. But, their win against the Cardinals was no walk in the park. Sports analysts observed that the team didn’t play like a team locked into a playoff spot. For the most part, starters played throughout the game.  Nevertheless, the Seahawks took home the bacon and is locked as the 5th seed in the NFC.

After wrapping up the regular season, Seattle will now prepare for their return to the playoffs. The team match-ups are up but the exact schedules will be released by the end of February.

Until then, onward, upward— Seattle Seahawks!

Featured image by Philip Robertson via Flickr