Seattle Seahawks: Rams Dominate Hawks In Blowout



Sunday afternoon at Centurylink Field was definitely a depressing time for Hawks fans. Not only did we lose to our division rivals, the Los Angeles Rams, but we lost by an extremely wide margin. The Rams’ defensive front was just too powerful and overpowering against the struggling Hawks offense line. Add that with Rams’ quarterback Jared Goff’s high powered passing offense and you’re left with a soul-crushing defeat for the Hawks that ended in a final score of 42-7.

While it’s definitely logical to credit our lack of success on the defensive end to overwhelming injuries such as Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, Cliff Avril, and KJ Wright, the Hawks just looked lost out there on the field. After holding the Rams’ offense to two field goals on their first two drives, it just seemed like everything on Sunday was moving too fast for the Hawks. And again, we saw our offense try to establish a running game (despite our run offense being ranked last in the entire league) with no success. As our playoff hopes look less and less likely as we head towards the end of the season, the Hawks really need to re-evaluate where they stand in regards to coaching. With so many talented players not being able to find success on the field lately, there has to be something within the structure of the team that isn’t clicking. If the Hawks want any hope of returning to the greatness of previous years, they’ll have to be willing to make some big changes moving forward.

The Hawks will play again next Sunday on New Year’s Eve (12/31) against the Arizona Cardinals at 1:25 PM PST on FOX. Although things right now look rough, our Hawks need your support more than ever, so don’t forget to wear that blue all week! #GoHawks