Seattle Seahawks: Redskins Pull Ahead at the End To Defeat Hawks



Well, that could have gone better. On Sunday afternoon, the Hawks faced off against a Washington Redskins team that was without ⅓ of their starters due to injury. Despite this and the fact that the Hawks had a dozen opportunities to score points, they still lost with the final score ending at 14-17.

The Seahawks yet again failed to gain any momentum or scoring in the first half from their offense. As has been the case all season, the Hawks relied heavily on their punt game. It didn’t help that new kicker Blair Walsh missed not one, not two, but THREE key field goals. That’s 9 points the Hawks left on the board, and it cost them dearly in the end.

In order to win out the rest of the season, the Hawks need to find a way to score points early on in the game. Too often do they rely on their defense to carry the offense through the entire game, only to save it all toward the end. That strategy can no longer be sustained. The Hawks coaching seems very suspect in games like this. For example, the Hawks called the famous “Super Bowl 49 Slant Pass” twice in today’s game, and both times it ended in interceptions. Whatever is going on, there seems to be some disconnect in the way this team performs on the field. We know it’s not because of the talent since our players are some of the most elite in the NFL, so what’s causing all these issues? The bottom line is that the Seahawks need to figure it out soon (and fast) if they want any shot at the Playoffs.

The Hawks also have a short week this week and face off against the division rival Arizona Cardinals down in Phoenix on Thursday, November 9th at 5:25 pm. As always, make sure you wear that blue all week in support of the Hawks! They need the 12s now more than ever!