Seattle Seahawks: Texans Fall to Hawks in Offensive Shootout



One thing you definitely can’t say in regards to Sunday’s game is that it was boring. While most Hawk games thus far have started off rather slowly, this game was completely different. Both the Hawks and Texans scored big points in the first half as the game ultimately became an offensive showdown. But thanks to a big final touchdown pass to Jimmy Graham in the closing minutes of the game, the Seahawks were able to walk away with a 41-38 victory.

The biggest takeaway from Sunday’s game is the skill and determination of Russell Wilson. He didn’t just have a good game, he had a fantastic game! Overall, Wilson accounted for 476 out of the 479 total yards for the Seahawks, with 452 passing and 30 rushing. On a day when our defense wasn’t able to bail out the offense like they usually do, Wilson stepped up in a big way and played what might be the best game of his career thus far.

Moving forward into the latter part of the season, the Seahawks need to figure out how to structure their offense. Up to this point, the Hawks have been a “run first, pass second” team. But yesterday, the Seahawks were only able to gain 3 whole yards of rushing on 16 attempts. The run game has been less-than-par ever since rookie Chris Carson suffered a season-ending injury. While Thomas Rawls has shown promise in the past, he just hasn’t managed to breakout successfully this year when running the football. In order to find success in the remaining games (and hopefully the postseason), the Hawks will need to show discipline and execute their plays effectively in every aspect of the game.

Next week, the Hawks travel back east to square-up against the Washington Redskins at 1:05pm PST. Be sure to wear that blue all week to show your support. And as always, Go Hawks!