Seattle Seahawks: Three-point Defeat Shakes Stadium


Denver Broncos earns 27-24 victory over Seattle Seahawks in Denver during Sunday’s game at the Broncos Stadium Mile High. As the latter opens their season, they were met with the full force of Broncos’ prolific players.

Broncos completed a 470-yard offense, which consisted of Emmanuel Sanders’ 43-yard pass and Paul Lindsay’s running back 29-yard pass. But it was outside linebacker, Von Miller, who displayed an exceptional run defense.

However, the Seahawks didn’t set things to lose without pulling a tight score. Tyler Lockett’s 51-yard touchdown gave way for Will Dissly’s 66-yard run and Chris Carson’s 24-yard run.

Nevertheless, the opening season is just one of the first games where the Seahawks will soar. The game last Sunday might prove to be disappointing for many of their fans, but there will be more games to come in September.

It can only be expected that the Seahawks will avenge their defeat by then. But with excellent players on their team who could easily defy expectations on the field, such possibility is not hard to miss.