Seattle Seahawks: Titans Defeat Hawks in Week 3



On Sunday, the Hawks traveled south to Nashville to take on the Tennessee Titans. While most people thought this was an easier matchup for the Hawks, the Titans had other plans in mind. The Hawks lost by a score of 27-33, suffering their second loss of the season and bringing their record to 1-2.

The first quarter proved to be a defensive battle with neither team being able to put points on the board. The Hawks struggled to get the offense going early, foregoing long drives for short 3-and-outs, followed by punts. If there’s one MVP on the Hawks so far this season, it’s punter Jon Ryan. That right leg of his is definitely getting a workout each Sunday.

Weirdly enough, later in the game, the offense seemed to finally be gaining momentum, but unfortunately, it was at the exact same time the Hawks’ defense started allowing points. In the end, a high-scoring third quarter for the Titans did enough damage that the Hawks were never able to recover. Penalties also proved to be a factor for the Hawks on a couple of key plays, with Richard Sherman almost getting ejected and a critical intentional grounding penalty at the end of the game ultimately being what sealed the Hawks fate.

Overall, this game continued to show that something just isn’t clicking for the Seahawks right now. Having been to the playoffs each of the last five years, everyone knows this team has the talent and is capable of winning games. But if the Hawks want any hope of being a playoff contending team, they’ll have to figure out what’s holding them back and fix it.