Seattle Seahawks: Week 2 Victory Over the 49ers!



The 12th Man was out in full force on Sunday for the Hawks first home game of the season against our division rivals, the San Francisco 49ers. Although the game ended in a victory for our Hawks, it wasn’t exactly pretty. They were able to move the ball pretty well down the field on offense, but they’re still having a bit of trouble getting touchdowns in the red zone.

However, we did score our first touchdown of the season in the 4th quarter on an improvised pass to Paul Richardson. This play, and the entire rest of the game, just further proves how critical and important Russell Wilson is to this Seattle Seahawks football team.

Even though our offensive line is still showing signs of uninspired protection in both the run and pass games, Russell Wilson is able to make things happen in the offense despite the lack of help. He uses his legs to not only extend plays but to create more opportunities for his receivers. Most importantly, Russell didn’t turn the ball over at all throughout the entire game. While there’s still work to be done, it looks like the Hawks’ offense is making steady (albeit quite slow) progress.

The defense again lived up to its reputation, only allowing 9 points on field goals without any touchdowns. It’s pretty much widely accepted that the defense is the true star of this team, and it appears they’ll continue to pick up the load when the offense is struggling. While their ability to stop teams is undeniable, fatigue and stamina wear on the best of athletes. If the Hawks want to find success in later games of the season (and into the playoffs), they’ll need their offense to pick up the slack.

Next week’s game is on the road in Tennessee as the Seahawks square up against the Titans at 1:05 PM PDT. Don’t forget to wear that blue all week and support our Hawks!