Seller Secrets for This Summer’s Real Estate Market



Well, the summer real estate season has officially begun. Now is the time when people start spending those weekends visiting listings and open houses. If you’re in the market to sell this summer, there are a few things you should know before you dive in. Here are a few seller secrets that you’ll be able to use to your advantage this summer:

  • Don’t Exaggerate: When you mention the details of your listing, you don’t want to exaggerate. There’s nothing worse than a prospective buyer showing up to your listing only to be immediately disappointed by something that was drastically embellished in your real estate listing. While it may seem like an effective strategy to get people through the door, more often than not prospective buyers will be instantly turned off once they realize your listing over exaggerated its features.

  • A Listing Shouldn’t Sit Long: Usually, if a home has been listed on the market for more than four weeks, it means the price is probably too high. That’s why it’s important to list your home accurately from the start. That way you don’t appear desperate by substantially lowering the price weeks later.

  • Appeal to the Season: Fit your home to appeal to the summer season. Buyers are more inclined to purchase a home if they can immediately envision themselves living there. For the summer season, real estate professionals suggest staging smaller/shorter furniture around the house. This will make the rooms and other areas of your house look bigger and stand out more.

  • Hire the Right Agent: Probably the most important part of selling a home. A bad agent can cost sellers potentially tens of thousands of dollars. Make sure you thoroughly vet and research different agents before making your choice.