How to Spend Martin Luther King Day


It can be challenging to explain to your kids the role of Martin Luther King Jr. in the civil rights movement. If your kids’ school considers Martin Luther King Day an official holiday, consider the day off to commemorate and educate them of his legacy.

Celebrate Martin Luther King day with your kids through the following:

Watch his speech

Martin Luther King Jr. gave a public speech entitled “I Have a Dream” during the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. While the speech took place 56 years ago, his message is still powerful and resonating today. He called for civil and economic rights and encourages to end racism in the United States. His speech is an important conversation starter for your kids about human rights.

Participate in community events

Check with your local community if there are any special tributes. Consider attending commemorative services in your local church or organizations. You can also participate in Martin Luther King Day of Service. This is the president’s national call to service initiative. Find a volunteering project in your area and tag your kids along!

Serve others

Consider this day to volunteer in your local area. There are plenty of opportunities that you and your family can involve into. From feeding the homeless to clean-up drive, volunteerism helps your kids understand the concept of serving and helping others. If your kids are still young to involve in public activities, you can also donate food and toiletries to your local food bank.

Rather than just honoring Martin Luther King Jr. on his birthday, make it a habit to reflect on his message on daily basis with your family.