How to Spend St. Patrick’s Day


St. Patrick’s Day is coming this March 17. As the most popular and arguably the holiest day of Ireland, it is now celebrated in different parts of the globe. In North America, the tradition continues for many citizens that acknowledge their Irish roots.

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in honor of Ireland’s patron saint. St. Patrick is known as such. Many Roman Catholic Irish believe his life to be miraculous because of his faith and legacy. He preached Christianity in Ireland during the fifth century AD. Although some research stated that he wasn’t fully Irish since he was captured by pirates from his home in Britain and forced into a life of slavery in Ireland, he became one of the most influential men of faith who ever lived by being an active missionary.

Like many holidays and celebrations, St. Patrick’s Day can be inclusive. It can be celebrated by anyone who honors the core of the celebration. If you’re planning to spend the holiday with family and friends, you can celebrate it through many ways.

Here are some things to do for St. Patrick’s Day:

  • Go to Church – Historically, St. Patrick was known for influencing the early Irish to believe in Christianity and adapt the faith in their way of life. He has made a legacy through his teachings which he integrated with the teachings of Christ. Because of this, he was venerated by the Roman Catholic Church as a saint and has since become a patron of Ireland. Going to Church and attending mass on St. Patrick’s Day may help you learn more about his life and teachings to better honor him on this special day.
  • Prepare Meals fit for the Celebration – What’s a holiday without a feast? For St. Patrick’s Day, you can find a bunch of dishes that you can prepare for your family, friends, and guests! Unique and authentic Irish dishes add taste to the proud and rich heritage of Ireland. These include corned beef and cabbage, Irish soda bread, shepherd’s pie potato bowls, Irish stew, lime poke cake, colcannon, spinach pancakes and corned beef hash, fried cabbage, and more!
  • Learn (or Teach) History – The best way to appreciate and celebrate culture and the love for heritage is to learn about them and pass them on. St. Patrick, as the patron saint of Ireland, plays a significant part of Irish culture. To honor him is to learn about him. Role plays, storytelling sessions, and song performances may help relive his legacy and the history of the Irish that sought for him in times of dire need.
  • Join Parades – The iconic St. Patrick’s Day parade happens every year. Join parades and witness the green grandeur of Irish colors as St. Patrick is honored and remembered. Parades may last for an entire morning, afternoon, and at most within a day. But this is the explicit manifestation that people are rejoicing in commemoration.

Like many holidays, St. Patrick’s Day is always being anticipated especially to many Americans whose ancestors came from Ireland. While these are just some activities you can do to celebrate the holiday, what matters most is the legacy of St. Patrick whose teachings and life has inspired and empowered generations after him.