Spring Cleaning: Decluttering Your Home


Sure, you can watch Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up on Netflix for inspiration, but we’ve got your spring cleaning task list right here. Leave winter behind and start a new day with these three must-do decluttering and organizational tips.

Clean Out Messy Junk Drawers:

We all have them—junk drawers that contain miscellaneous items like pens, screwdrivers, old credit cards, bobby pins, batteries, calculators, and more stuff that we throw in there on a daily basis. Well, it’s time to get down and dirty people and clean out the junk to get ready for more junk to come in the spring! Start by emptying it out into a box or garbage bag. Then, keep what you want and throw away the rest. Suck up all the dust and dirt with your vacuum hose or dust buster, and wipe the drawer clean with disinfectant. Put the contents you want to keep back into the drawer in an organized manner. Repurpose old plastic containers, mugs or non-slip dish drawer liners to keep things from moving around.

Declutter Closets:

What better time to donate than now? Filter clothes, purses, jewelry and accessories like belts, shoes and scarves into three piles.

  • The first pile is DONATE. Get rid of anything with no meaningful value or that you haven’t worn or used in 6 months. Even things that don’t fit anymore should go. Don’t use this time as an excuse to say, “ I’ll keep these as my goal jeans and lose weight!” or “I’ll just keep these as a back up.” If you aren’t using or wearing them now, toss them.
  • The second pile is SEASONAL. If you wear and use it, but it’s for a different season, fold or organize them nicely in a box or bag and stash them in storage for now. Don’t get them out until the season begins.
  • The third pile is KEEP. Keep anything you love and has value. If you have several of the same items ( like over 10 of the same white T’s or tanks), cut it down to just three or four. FInally, take your DONATE items to Goodwill and wipe your hands clean.  Voila! Your closet is now clean and organized!

Deep clean what you use the most!

This is the perfect time to clean household items you use all the time and might not get to clean on a regular basis. Clean out your sink with soap and lemons, or toss the rinds into your disposal to freshen it up. Revive your shower curtain by throwing it in the washer or spraying and wiping it down with a yummy smelling disinfectant. Lastly, wipe down your remotes, computers and cell phones with lysol hand wipes or other safe cleaners and get rid of those nasty germs that build up every day from all the usage.

Happy cleaning everyone!