Staging Your Home for Halloween


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Is your home listed for sale during the Halloween season? If it is, you may be wondering how exactly to stage it. While you may feel inclined to lean into the spooky Halloween decorating, that may not be the greatest idea if you want your home to sell. Here are some tips to consider if you’re staging your home during Halloween:

Things to Avoid:

  • Over-decorating: Even if Halloween is your favorite holiday, if you over-decorate your home while it’s being staged, some people might be put off and focus less on the home itself. If you’re going to decorate, it’s best to keep it simple.

  • Clutter: Make sure you eliminate a lot of the clutter around the property. Too many things scattered across the home draws attention away from what you’re trying to sell.

  • Cheap Items: Again, you don’t want your home/property associated with anything too extreme or cheap. Plastic tombstones and plastic spiders are fun, but they should be put away.

Good Alternatives:

  • General Fall Decor: Instead of Halloween decorating, try for something that’s more fall-based. Use a lot of natural materials like gourds, pumpkins, and fall colored leaves.

  • Plants: Ornamental cabbage and chrysanthemums are just a couple examples of good plant life to feature in your home during the fall season.

  • Assorted Items: Rustic planters, benches, wheelbarrows, and other antique tools go really well with a natural, Fall decor. But it’s important that you use them sparingly so that your property doesn’t end up looking like a junk pile.