Summer Maintenance Checklist



There’s so much that goes into having a beautiful home. It’s not just about what kind of property you purchase, how luxurious it is, or what the surrounding area and scenery looks like; it’s about the work you put into it. Every eye-catching house you see very likely had a lot of work put into it that made it stand out so well. To maximize the beauty of your home, it’s always best to work through a summer maintenance checklist. Here are some action items for you to consider when maintaining your home:

  • Easy Tasks: You can start your maintenance checklist with a few quick tasks that should only take about 30 minutes or less. Try things like treating your windows by cleaning the exterior glass, cleaning out your sink disposal, testing all of the house alarms and replacing or updating any ones that need it, and vacuuming out the vents to get rid of all the excess dust. You could complete all of these items in a few short hours!
  • Longer Projects: Some of these tasks may take a few hours each, but they’re definitely worth it in the end. It’s a good idea to check for any leaky pipes that may be running up your water bill, inspect your air conditioners, and check your roof for any natural wear and tear that may have accumulated over the first half of the year. Tackling just one of these items a day will have you all done by the end of the week, and with time to spare!
  • Tough Jobs: Now if you feel like diving deep into your summer maintenance checklist, there are some more intense tasks that you can take on. A lot of people restore their deck or patio in the summertime while also placing a huge focus on landscaping, exterior paint and siding, and gutter cleaning as well. These jobs require a little elbow grease on your end, but finishing the job will definitely leave you feeling satisfied!