Summer Tips: Choosing the Right Blinds for Summer



You’ve probably noticed the rise in temperatures over the past couple of weeks. This means that we’re officially in the thick of Summer. Many people don’t know that indoor temperatures  have a lot to do with the sunlight they let in through their windows. The best remedy for this issue could be some new blinds that effectively block the sun’s rays from turning your house into an oven. If you’re looking for some helpful tips on how to choose the right kind of blinds, here’s a quick guide for you:

  • Selecting The Right Solution: North-facing openings typically receive sunlight at a higher angle in the summer, therefore they require shading devices with a more narrow overhead. Fixed horizontal shading is all that’s required above north-facing glare. However, east and west-facing openings do require a bit of a different approach since low angle morning and afternoon summer sunlight from these directions make it a lot more difficult to shade.
  • Choosing Colors: Neutral colors such as white, cream, and beige are usually the safest options when it comes to window treatments since they can add a cooling effect in your room and complement any existing room features quite well. Plus, you won’t have to change your blinds if you decide to make some major changes to the room, such as repainting your walls.
  • Taking Temperature on Interior vs Exterior Blinds: Direct sunlight can generate the same heat as one single bar radiator over each square meter of a surface, but effective shading can block up to 90% of this heat. The glass from your window amplifies the heat overall, and even if you have your shades down during the day, you’ll be able to tell the difference in temperature directly on the other side of the blinds. Alternatively, exterior shades block the sun’s rays before they hit the window. This can make a big difference during the extreme summer heat.