Things to Check in your Home Every Year


Regular home maintenance is a tedious task many homeowners put off until something goes amiss. Don’t wait for any emergency before evaluating your home’s condition. Maximize your home’s efficiency and save big time on costly repairs with this maintenance checklist:

Seasonal and Annual Maintenance
Spring: Spring is the busiest time for home maintenance. This is the time you need to pay attention to your exterior and prepare it for the humid summer air. Clean out the gutters and clear out dead plants and shrubs in your house. Trim your trees to minimize electrical interference.
Summer: Plumbing maintenance is best done in summer. This is also the season to clean your garage. Check your door hinges and oil them.

Fall: For some, fall is the perfect time to tackle general home maintenance projects since it is not too hot. This is the season to re-paint, power wash and seal cracks and gaps in your sidings and windows. Check your heating system, fireplace, and chimney to prepare for winter.
Winter: Concentrate on your interior in winter. Check for caulking, ice dams, and icicles too.

Critical items that you should perform every three months include checking your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors as well as your fire extinguishers. Check water and toilet flush in areas that you don’t use regularly such as your guest bathrooms. Ensure that your garage doors’ auto-reverse feature is working.

Testing your water heater pressure relief valve should be done twice a year to prevent mineral and corrosion deposits. Deep cleaning your home once every six months is also a great way to keep your space in its tip-top shape.

Your kitchen sink disposal should be inspected and cleaned every month. Run vinegar ice cubes through your disposal to clean it as well as sharpen its blades. Cleaning the filters of your AC and furnace should also be done at least once a month. This will make it easier to regulate your home’s temperature and minimize utility bills.

Remember to practice safety when tackling any of these home maintenance projects. Consider hiring the help of a professional for risky projects especially ones that involve electric or heavy equipment.