Tips to Avoid a Costly Winter Plumbing Leak



Plumbing issues are always an inconvenience. But in winter, they’re especially stressful to deal with. If you’re looking to prepare your plumbing for the remaining cold-weather months, here a few tips you might consider helpful:

  • Protect Pipes from Freezing: When winter temperatures drop, water can easily freeze inside pipes. To reduce this possibility, wrap each of the pipes in a blanket of foam. You can buy foam tubes at most hardware stores.

  • Fix Leaks: Probably a no-brainer, but do not leave pipes to leak for any longer than they need to be. Fix them as soon as you’re able.

  • Drain Water Heater: If you live somewhere with hard water, sediment can build up in your tank and cause rust to develop there. The rust can sometimes find its way into cooking, drinking, and bathing water. If your water heater is too old and rusted, you’ll probably want to buy a new one ASAP.

  • Lose Outdoor Hose: Disconnect your outdoor hose, wrap it up, and put away until the warm weather returns. The last thing you want is for frozen water to expand into your faucets and pipes.

  • Clean Home’s Sump Pump Pit: Before the weather gets too cold, inspect and clean your sump pump and the pit where it rests. When exposed to cold weather elements, your pump and freeze cease to work. Inspect it early to avoid the possibility of flood damage later.