Tips for Hosting a Summer Party


summer party

Here in the Northwest, we’ve been lucky to have so many sunny days this summer. While a summer with lots of sun means more time to spend outside exploring new areas, it also means that it’s the prime season for social gatherings! If you’re looking to host a party at your home this summer, here are a few tips you’ll want to consider:

  • Get the Word Out: Whether it be by social media, group text, or email, make sure that you get the word out as early as possible to ensure more people attend. You’ll want to to provide all the important details; Directions, parking, what to bring, what time the food is being grilled, etc. Facebook events are usually your best bet as you can easily post updates about the party as it gets closer.

  • Prepare, Prepare, Prepare: As with anything in life, the more you prepare beforehand, the better. Make sure you have all your bases covered. This means an alternative plan if the weather turns bad, enough food to accommodate a few last minute guests, and any other things that may come up. If enough preparation is done beforehand, you’ll be able to spend less time stressing during the party and more time just enjoying yourself.

  • Seats: Make sure you have enough chairs for everyone to sit down. This may mean purchasing a few extra patio chairs if need be, but you don’t want to have to resort to bringing living room/dining room chairs outside just because there aren’t enough places to sit.

  • Keep It Cool: While it may be almost September, we haven’t escaped the heat yet. With temperatures still reaching the 80’s and 90’s, it’s critical that you provide your guests with enough shade and enough cool air so that they don’t feel uncomfortable. And while there may be plenty of alcohol and other beverages being consumed, make sure you have water readily available for everyone to stay hydrated while they’re out in the heat.

  • Kids: If friends of yours are bringing kids, they’ll need to have something to do to keep them occupied during the party so all the adults can enjoy themselves. Set up some fun games outside and the kids will be entertained for hours.