Top Reasons Why Fall is the Best Time for Home Buying



Up until recently, it was pretty much the consensus that Spring was the ideal time to buy a house. Now, that’s starting to change. Recent trends in the real estate market have shown that the Fall is just about as good a time to buy as any other season, if not better. Here are some of the top reasons why you may want to start looking at houses for sale this coming Fall:

  • Less Competition: Since it’s not typically seen as busier than Spring, there are usually fewer buyers. That ultimately means less competition if you were to come across something you like. Fall is also a time where sellers will reposition homes that had previously been for sale. This means as a buyer, this is a great time for you to lowball and prepare for more aggressive negotiations.

  • Seller’s Fatigue: A listing that’s been up for months can really start to weigh on a seller. Looking for homes that have been on sale since Spring may give you an opportunity to capitalize. It’s important to track the pricing of properties like this and see how many times the seller has lowered the price.

  • Center of Attention: Again, fewer buyers means you get more attention. If you feel the Spring housing market is too intense and crowded, you might find the Fall season easier to navigate. Use this as an opportunity to really gauge your interest by asking the seller all the questions you need to be answered.

  • Pair with Year-End Sales: Many department and furniture stores feature year-end sales. Since the fall season continues right up until the beginning of these sales, it might be in your best interest (from a monetary perspective) to coordinate the purchase of your home before these sales take place. That way you’ll be able to have a full grasp on the type of furniture and accessories you’ll need to match your new home.