Tree Care for Spring


Winter was brutal this year, with more snow days in one week than we’ve ever experienced! All that heavy snow on our beautiful lush trees and landscape had to cause some damage. As we all recover from the snow, our trees are doing the same thing. Help them heal and prepare for Springtime with these important tree-care tips.

Clear Out Debris

Dig out your rake and clear out dead leaves, loose branches, and twigs. Create a nice clean area around the trunk of your tree so its roots are clear from any rotten wood and fruit that accumulated over the winter.

Inspect and Prune

Inspect your trees and garden for any winter damage like dead leaves and branches, uplifted roots, etc. Seek the help of a local arborist if needed or go ahead and prune your landscape to prepare for Spring. Do this early, so your plants and trees have time to heal and flourish as the sunshine comes!

Nourish Your Trees

Feed your plants and trees the proper (and hopefully non-harmful) fertilizers they need to revitalize and regain strength. This also helps fend off pests and diseases.


After a major winter storm, the damage is inevitable. Replanting is the perfect way to start over and replenish what was lost. Find advice from your local nursery or DIY!

What do you think of our tips? Do you have other tree care tips we missed out? Comment below and share it with us!