Tree Care Tips & Techniques



Keeping up with your tree maintenance does more than just help your property look nice. Studies have shown trees can add about a 7% to 19% more value to your property overall. Replacing trees can cost hundreds of dollars as well, so think of your tree trimming like an investment and you’ll already be on the right track. But here are a few good tips is this is your first time:

  • Sometimes Less is Best: The best part about trees is that they’re not reliant on humans to grow. When there’s a lot of commotion around the tree, that can actually cause damage to the roots and growth space. A good note to keep in mind is that roots need two or three times the length of branches to grow enough to support a tree. So don’t do more work than you need to.

  • Observe: Observing a tree over time can tell you a lot about how to maintain it. If a tree has rapid discoloration or any stunted growth, that tells you something. Knowing what your tree looks like when it’s healthy can help your arborist come up with some better solutions. Finding some information online and other resources that give you a guide to trees and their diseases couldn’t hurt either.

  • Weekly Mulching/Pruning: Surrounding the base of your tree with some mulch is usually a pretty good idea. This will protect the tree from overwatering/over fertilization. Just layer the mulch 2 to 3 inches thick, and make sure to keep it away from the bark of the tree.

  • Choose Right Trees: Take the time to do research in the planning stages and coordinate with your arborist or landscaper early on. It’s best to scope out the whole property and perform all necessary measurements to get an exact idea of what trees could be planted and thrive in that location.