Types of Tile Flooring


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These days, modern home design is leaning more heavily toward tile flooring when it comes to remodels. Not only does it look beautiful and really stand out in a room, but it’s more durable and made to last. Of course, there are types of tile that work better for different rooms. Taking time to sort through the different types to ultimately decide which is best for your home’s design is key. Here’s some info on the popular types of tile flooring that you can use to choose what’s best for you:

  • Stain-Resistant Porcelain: A more popular choice to use in the kitchen due to the fact that it’s extremely resistant to spills. When looking at potential color options, experts say you should go with something darker and a bit more neutral in color so that you compliment the kitchen cabinets and countertop color more accurately.

  • Durable Slate-Look Porcelain: It’s all in the name. This tile is sturdier and stronger than your average tile. This durable porcelain would do well in a laundry room or mudroom given the more frequent vibrations, and the slate-look makes the tile practically indistinguishable from natural stone which makes everything look more casual and rustic.

  • Small Mosaic Tiles: For smaller rooms with less space, you’ll want to go with smaller, more mosaic tiles. Tiles that are one-inch or smaller are easier to install in within the confines of a small room compared to a larger one. This type of tiling is also ideal for bathrooms since they are better at resisting moisture due to more grout lines and traction.

  • Vinyl Tile: If you’re looking to put tile in a basement or rec room, vinyl might be the way to go. It’s got more durability and the ceramic nature of it makes it able to resist more moisture. Many styles look very similar to wood and give the room they’re displayed in a more distinguished, refined look.