Unique Hardwood Floor Designs For Your Home


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Hardwood floors are all the rage right now in homes across the country. It not only looks nice and compliments pretty much any home decor, but maintaining it is a lot easier and more cost effective than the hassle that comes with carpeting. But if you’re looking to spruce up your hardwood and give it a bit of a lift for the new spring season, here are some ideas to consider:

  • Distressed Wide Planks: A style that’s increasing in popularity due to the fewer seams, this beautiful style comes in a variety of different wood types.

  • Reclaimed Pine: Mostly found in historical buildings, reclaimed pine flooring has proven to have eco-friendly benefits while also giving your home a much more luxurious look and feel.

  • Maple Plank: Oftentimes found in powder rooms that don’t feature a shower, this hardwood brings out a lot of warmth when placed against a black-and-white linear mosaic tile wall.

  • Red Oak: One of the most popular hardwood flooring choices due to its ability to coordinate with any design style. Especially great for high traffic areas of the home such as the living room.

  • Ebonized Hardwood: A great way to exude luxury into a neutral, contemporary space. Dark hardwoods always tend to create the best sleep black look.

  • Brazilian Cherry: If you’re wanting something that has a more exotic look to it, Brazilian Cherry is quite sturdy and affordable while also offering a multitude of different grain colors.

  • Douglas Fir: If you’re looking for a more comfortable and inviting feel in your home, Douglas Fir wood features a lot of detail in the grain and offers a striking design aesthetic to any space it’s featured in.