Valentine’s Day at Home


It’s chilly outside. While some people spend their Valentine’s at a restaurant or not at all if they are single, warm up the air and spend yours with your loved ones at home. How do you do that? Here are some ways.

Watch a romantic movie

Inflate your air bed or scatter your throw pillows in the living room. Huddle up and watch classic romcoms together. Make a couple of microwave popcorn packs and share them around while watching your chosen romcom film. Wouldn’t that warm your heart up?

Play videogames

Set up your gaming consul in the living room and play with your family or friends. The games could range from RPG to point-and-shoot. Whatever videogame you choose, it’s sure to make you and your loved ones enjoy each other’s company. Just make sure no joysticks get destroyed in the process.

Enjoy a hot beverage with them

Sit together and enjoy each other’s company. Whether it’s in silence or with laughter, enjoy the company with a cup of hot cocoa or coffee on hand at the porch or by the fireplace.

Spa Night

Wouldn’t it be fun to spend a spa night with your hubby and kids? It may sound like kids and spa don’t go together but it can work. Put on face masks and pamper each other. Let the kids paint their dad’s nails with glitters. Just have a blast and relax.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how much money you’ve spent on Valentine’s Day. What matters is who you spent it with. Share moments together and make memories you can look back to in the future.

What do you think of our list? Have you thought of other Valentine’s Day activities? Comment below and share it with us!