Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day


Father’s Day is coming. Ever wondered how it came to be? Here’s an interesting trivia about how a Civil War veteran’s daughter inspired the holiday throughout the country.

It started in Spokane, Washington after its founder, Sonora Smart Dodd, took the initiative to honor her father and his comrades during the Civil War. Since then, it has become a national holiday for every family.

Celebrated every third Sunday of June, this year’s Father’s Day is set on June 16. If you’re planning to prepare something memorable for your dad or husband, here are some options for you to choose from.

Go to the movies

Check out the latest blockbuster hit in movie theaters within your area! He might want to catch new releases this season. Whether it’s an action, sci-fi or an adventure flick, films bring people and families together from all walks of life.

Dash to the amusement park

Remember that time when your dad first brought you to an amusement park? Relive it and check out the new rides! From roller coaster rides to drop towers and Ferris wheels, there’s gotta be more rides there to keep your hearts pumpin’. Invite your dad. Let him spend time with his precious grandkids.

Plan outdoor adventures

When was the last time you were outdoors? Whether it’s a camping weekend by the Sammamish lake or a hike on a mountain trail, you get to breathe fresh air, stretch your legs, and spend quality time with your family. If you’re planning to revisit nature, prepare the necessary things to bring – tents, fishing rods, and camping gears to keep you on track. Watching scenic views is best done with your loved ones.

Share Drinks

Whether it’s at your porch or kitchen table, grab a bottle or two and have drinks with your dad. This will help you get to know him better than when you were growing up.

Eat Out

Nothing beats a tasty treat. Take your dad or your husband out to a restaurant or a diner. Fill your bellies to your heart’s content! Try those buffalo wings, cheezy pizza, meaty burger, savory barbecue, at your local diner.  Make your meal extra special and take photos!

Relax at the Spa

Who says dads can’t relax at the spa? Soothe those aching muscles with massages. He deserves just as much pampering as any hard-working human being.

Volunteer for a Cause

Is he looking for ways to contribute to the community? Sign him up for good causes such as feeding the homeless or rehabilitating the local library. Tag along and help him out!

Make your dad or husband extra special this coming Father’s Day. With our list, you’re sure to have a memorable time with him. Treat him the way he deserves.

Photo by Cristian Dina from Pexels