What is In-Service Day?


In-Service Days for teachers is a time to meet with fellow educators and administration to discuss the well-being of students, learn new trends and technology in education, discuss current curriculum and experience new methods of teaching. Teachers then apply these lessons in their own classroom. Students look forward to In-Service days because they get a schedule day-off to sleep in, catch up on homework or see the dentist or doctor. But for many teachers, this a much-needed time to have important discussions with their colleagues and learn new things about their crucial roles as teachers.

Here are some of the things that teachers learn on In-Service Days:

  1. New Policies and Curriculum Standards: This usually happens at the beginning or end of the school year, as teachers are introduced to the newest school or district rules and regulations, as well as any changes to the required curriculum.
  2. Current Trends in Education: Teachers are introduced to the latest trends in education like the coolest tech gadgets (like Smartboards and computer programs) to help engage students in the classroom. This also applies to fresh, innovative lesson plans that reflect the current culture and climate of the times.
  3. Information on Health Awareness: It’s imperative teachers are educated about the numerous health concerns of the students. Whether it’s how to perform CPR or learn more about mental health, these days offer life-changing information about how to better protect students.
  4. New Teaching Methods: Learning new teaching methods is always the most beneficial, as it’s fun to see what other teachers are doing in the classroom and how they teach their lessons. Teachers can inspire others to think differently about their own approach and inspire them to do more creative lesson planning.

So, for anyone who believes teachers also get a day off on in-service days, think again! This is their time to really absorb new material and policies to better the education and well-being of all students!