Winter Landscape Ideas For Your Home



Many gardeners and landscapers may be reluctant to accept winter’s arrival since there is a lot more white and grey replacing the bright colors of Spring, Summer, and Fall. And while there aren’t as many things that you’ll be able to plant in the cold weather, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other landscaping projects you can implement around the property. If you’re looking for some ideas to incorporate this winter, here are some possibilities you can try:

  • Focus on Bark: While the branches and leaves are hibernating for the winter, the bark can still shine! Now would be a perfect time to feature any interesting ornamental trees that have visually distinctive bark throughout your landscape.

  • Evergreens: Evergreens have always been a standout tree in the winter months. Their green or yellowish color will still pop, even if surrounded by snow. Plus they’ll look great even after the winter cold has passed.

  • Add Berries: Featuring some trees or shrubs with berries around the garden always looks great. Plus you’ll be helping to feed the birds as well!

  • Rely on Hardscape: If you’re finding it difficult to highlight plant life around your landscape, you can feature other focal points such as a sculpture, bench, trellis, or arbor instead and add a few decorative touches to make them really stand out.